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Car Dealer Information

How did you get my dealer information?

We use basic dealer information from third party data providers who gather this type of information from public records and other public sources.

If your information is incorrect please claim the listing so you can make changes.

How do I edit my dealer Information

Login to your Account

Select View Listing (you need a claimed listing)

Click Edit from the listing you want to edit

From here you can edit Dealer Name, Category, Descriptions

When all changes made press Continue

On next page Confirm your changes


My Account Information

How do I add my own image next to my review or comment?

The site uses Gravatar to automatically create an avatar for you.

To customize this avatar visit Gravatar and sign up using the email address you wrote the review with.

This will assign your own personal Gravatar that corresponds to your email address on any site you comment on that integrates with Gravatar, best of all it’s a Free service.

If you want an Avatar specifically for this site follow these steps:


Click My Details

Upload Photo (about halfway down page)

Click Update Account

How do I change my email?

Log into your Account

Select “My Details”

Enter your new Email in the Email field

Click Update Account

How do I change my password?

Log into your Account

Select “My Details”

Enter your new Password in the Password field

Retype Password

Update Account


Claim Listing Questions

Why is there a charge to claim listing?

We use the nominal fee to protect the dealership and the site.

Charging for a listing allows us to weed out fake claimers and spammers since the vast majority of those users will not want to pay to claim a listing.

If a fake claimer or spammer does decide to pay for the claim we then have actual information that can be tracked and forwarded to the proper authorities.

It also allows us to keep the advertisements on the site to a minimum.

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